Press Kit


Developer: Overon Station Entertainment Studio - based in Budapest, Hungary
Release Date: Early 2017
Platforms: PC (Steam), later on PS4 and XboxOne
Contact: pr ‘at’


Dome City is a story-oriented sci-fi adventure game in first person view. Follow the three protagonists as they explore the abandoned city on Mars, using mathematic, physic, astronomy skills to solve the mysteries in town whilst trying to survive. Discover the hidden clues that leads to food, water, energy or let you find spare parts for the new spaceship.


  • A gripping sci-fi adventure-puzzle game in first person view
  • Storyline is led by the player’s choices – every game is different
  • Game is replayable, there’s room for discovering the many routes and possibilities
  • Sandbox. The whole city is accessible, every building and room can be discovered