Presenting Dome City

Welcome to our abandoned home, Dome City, which only waits for you to fully explore it. Although we can’t reveal all the details yet, there are some features for you to hold on to. The game itself is based on István Nemere’s novel “the secret of the Dome City”, and as we’ll keep as many as possible from the original storyline, there’ll be more new and exciting scenes added. Regarding the gameplay, it’s a story-driven puzzle game on different difficulty levels, but those seeking more action and adventure will find it equally exciting and challenging. For us in this case FPS will mean only first person view, without shooting. The first version will only include Single Player mode, and later on we plan to add cooperative multiplayer too – for this we’ll start a Kickstarter campaign very soon, involving investors later if necessary.

The first screenshots and character designs are available now for you to look at and comment – we’re really excited to hear your voice about them!








Aug, 22, 2015