Nemere István and The secret of dome city

nemere201406Our game is based on István Nemere’s work, who – besides hundreds of other novels – wrote ‘The Secret of dome city’ too. Writing has always been part of Nemere’s life; he had remarkable works even in the early school years and as time went by he published more and more –  today almost 600 books belong to him. He’s mostly famous for his sci-fi and paranormal-themed novels, but he also has massive amount of narrative nonfictions, historical fictions and children’s novels as well.

a_kupolavaros_titkan‘István Nemere: The secret of domecity’ youth adventure novel was published in 1982 in Hungary as a sequel to ‘Art treasure bandits on the asteroid’. In this story three young boys – Don, Lars and Ariel – are travelling to an astronaut-training’s entrance exam, when suddenly they need to land on Mars due to a meteor alert – and they decide to find shelter in the domecity nearby. And that is where strange, dreadful but exciting things start to happen to them…

So our Domecity is based on this novel; we’ve come to terms with István Nemere, who gave his blessings and just as excited to see the results as us!

Sep, 28, 2015