From retro to cutting edge: Developing the visual style for Dome City

We’re super excited to reveal our wonderful concept artist’s highly detailed artworks of Dome City! Two of the most important locations appear on the concepts; the sharp contrast between the spaceship (TC-08 “Tessa”) and Lanita, the city has a defining storytelling role.


Our aim is to showcase a futuristic contrast; as you may have known, Tessa is based on nowaday’s future vision, resembling to cutting edge technology’s clear, elegant design with rounded shapes, lightweight plastic-like materials. On the contrary, the city’s visuals are inspired by the 60’s “retro-futuristic” concept – huge, robust buildings, angular shapes, concrete and heavy materials everywhere. It’s a journey to the past for the protagonists, as they’re too young to remember the times when it was popular. We’ve worked hard to differentiate the important locations, but in the end, all spot has a unique visual appearance.

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All beautiful artwork was created by one of our fantastic concept artists, Péter Kovács.

Heatgun_outlines Tessa_exterior Tessa_corridor2 Tessa_lab1 Tessa_lab2 Tessa_lab5 Tessa_lab4 Tessa_panel Tessa_corridor1 Tow_crawler Lanita_grey Lanita_morning Lanita_atmosphere Lanita_factory Lanita_house Lanita_room Lanita_bathroom

Mar, 07, 2016